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Realm - New Software and App to Keep Centenary Connected


Link to Centenary's Realm website

It is vitally important to keep in contact with one another, any way we can.

One of the most importing things we need to keep in touch, is correct and up-to-date contact information. This is where Centenary's new church management software, called Realm, can help both members and church staff stay connected.

For members of the congregation, what this means is that you will have a direct way to access your profile. Your profile contains details such as your address, phone numbers and email. You will be able to check this information and update it, if changes occur. You can also upload a profile photo for yourself as an individual, and a profile photo for your family. Please choose an actual photo and not an avatar or generic photo, the photos will be a part of the directory.


Besides seeing contact information, you will be able to see donations you have made, and pledge progress.

Realm will also act as a digital directory, with photos. Members will be able to see up-to-date contact information for other members. When you create your profile, you have options to control your privacy settings. Rest assured, this information is not available to just anyone on the internet, it is for only Centenary Realm users. When you sign in, please opt in to the online directory and make your information viewable by anyone. This is exactly like being in the printed church directory.

So, what you can do now is watch your email for an invitation to create a Centenary Realm account. We will email the invitation to the email address we have on file for you.

Once you are emailed an invitation, follow the steps to create your account and check the information in your profile. Please sign up for your account using the email address the invitation was sent to. Couples should each create their own account, and must use separate email addresses. Group participation or team leadership is not shared between couples, so each person will need their own account. Children's accounts will be managed by their parents or guardians.

Once you have an account, you can access Realm either on the Centenary Realm website or by downloading the Realm Connect app to your phone or device. Realm Connect is available in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Remember, you will not be able to use the app or log in to the website until you create an account.

We very much look forward to continuing Centenary's strong connections and hope that you will be as excited as we are to utilize this new tool.




How to set up your account for the first time.



How to set or adjust your privacy settings.



How to manage the information in your profile.



How to use the online directory, see your giving history or access other features of Realm.



How to adjust how often you get email notifications from Realm.



If you are a group leader or committee chair, follow this tutorial to see how to manage your group.