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Our Vision

As a joyfully inclusive community that champions revolutionary social justice, we change lives by putting ministry in the hands of the people.


Combining acts of social justice with meaningful worship, Centenary United Methodist Church has been changing lives in our community for over 160 years.
Our beliefs center around Compassion, Justice, Worship and Devotion.  

Compassion Through our Holy Grounds breakfast community, we serve a hot meal four days a week, averaging nearly 100 meals per day to those in need in our downtown neighborhood.  During the winter months, in rotation with six other local churches, Centenary provides shelter and a warm bed for the homeless.

Justice Centenary was the first reconciling congregation in outstate Minnesota, opening its doors to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Through quality productions of legitimate dramatic scripts, social justice topics and issues of humanity such as inclusiveness, acceptance, mental health and disability are explored.

Worship Offering fellowship and spiritual nourishment on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, our worship combines praise, prayer, music and scripture, with meditation and dialogue around questions of faith. 

Devotion Centenary shares its resource with others, providing a home for the Korean United Methodist fellowship and hosting within our building the Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services and ARC of Southwest Minnesota serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Pastor Roger works to creatively help congregation members, the community, and Holy Grounds live into our vision of being a joyfully inclusive community that champions revolutionary social justice and changing lives by putting ministry into the hands of the people.

Rev. Roger Wolsey, Lead Pastor

Church is a community of people who are committed to getting this again and again on a shared spiritual journey. It seems getting the amazing love that God shows through the way, teachings, and example of Jesus is never ending.

I am elated to have been appointed by the Bishop to serve as pastor of Centenary UMC. This congregation has a reputation for open-mindedness and deep passion for the social justice implications of the Gospel. I share this deep passion - and look forward to adding the unique ingredients of my life to the marvelous offering of the Body of Christ and Bread of Life that is Centenary UMC. I believe that God is Love, and that Love gently invites favorable conditions for growth and goodness to take place in our lives. I am eager for us to begin experiencing the mutual blessings coming our way. 

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