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Church-Wide Study of Pulitzer Prize-winning The 1619 Project

In August 1619, a ship arrived on these shores in Virginia, carrying the very first enslaved Africans to be brought to the British Colonies of North America. More than 400 years later, almost nothing in our country has been left untouched by the legacy of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans.

As we continue to discuss systemic racism in our country, we will expand from our study of the Methodist Church, to the ways US culture and legislation sustain racism. Utilizing curriculum and videos from Nikole Hannah-Jones’ The 1619 Project, Centenary’s Justice/Advocacy team, in partnership with Rev. Elizabeth Macaulay invite you to participate in this study. 

Participants may choose to attend Wednesday video viewings, Sunday Worship, Sunday morning small-group discussions — or better yet — all three activities! This is an opportunity for all to find a safe place to ask, “How does racism impact my life, and ultimately my Spiritual health?”

There is no cost to attend, and no book to buy for this study. This invitation to participate is extended to adults and confirmation-age youth. Attendance for events is optional, with no registration required. Please notify the Centenary office if you have special considerations or questions for attending. Sermons are available online at To attend group discussions via Zoom, please contact to receive a weekly link.

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