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Justice Devotional: Equity and Inclusion

A Month of Cornerstone Practices: Justice, Compassion, Devotion, Worship
Click the image of the devotional to download a pdf copy. The web links are clickable in this pdf file.

Links Referenced in the Devotional


Page 3

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge by ProHabits. Learn about Prohabit’s 21-Day Challenge by watching this video:

ProHabits 21-day challenge:

Page 7

ProHabits 21-day challenge:


Amplify Black Voices MN Videos #1 and #2:

5 Tips for Being an Ally:

Read the Charter for Compassion and consider signing the Charter:

Consider a donation to Connections Shelter:

Page 9

Page 10

Harvard Implicit Association Test:

Discover and donate to a MN non-profit that is led by a Black person, Indigenous person, or person of color:

Page 13

Invisible St. Peter/Greater Mankato:


Partners for Housing:

Page 16

Amplify Black Voices MN Videos #3 and #4:

Mapping Prejudice Project:

Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light:

Holy Grounds:

Theology of Work:

Page 20

Video: Structural Racism by Dr. Ibram Kendi (75 min.)


Video: Structural Racism by Jon A. Powell (65 min.)


Video: Cracking the Code (60 min.)


Video: Allegories on race and racism by Camara Jones (20 min.)


Video: A Trip To The Grocery Store (4 min)


Video: Bike Thief Video (4 min)


Video: Cracking the Codes – Unconscious Bias (7 min)


Video: "Are you biased? I am" (9 min)


Video: History of Whiteness - duration 3:44 mins


Video: White Riots vs. Black Protesters - duration 2:53 mins


Video: Ideas for Not Being a Bystander

Page 21

Video: The Racial Mosaic of America by Manuel Pastor (60 mins.)


Article: ‘Black and Asian unity’: attacks on elders spark reckoning with racism’s roots:

Article: Native Americans ‘Left Out in the Cold’ Under Trump Press Biden for Action:


Article: ‘This is the Way We Rise’ Reinvigorates Native Hawaiians Fight for Justice At Sundance Film Festival:


Podcast: Reservation Math: Navigating Love in Native America:


Podcast: Episode 76: Native American Reservations (17 mins.)

Anti-Racism Resource List: An excellent beginner’s resource list on Anti-Racism

Why Black Lives Matter, Article and Videos specifically for children and youth:

Why Black Lives Matter, Article and Videos:

Why Black Lives Matter, Article and Videos:

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