2018 – July 8, 9:00 AM Worship

Date: July 14, 2018


The first piece of known Judeo-Christian liturgical art was the Ark of the Covenant. It represented many things to the wandering Israelites. I’ll be looking at what it meant to those early Jews and what it has to say to us as Christians today.

As I’m studying this story I am thinking about our own holy spaces and items. As we approach our season of construction, it may make us nervous that our church’s spaces will be changed. I have been impressed with the thoughtfulness of leadership as we approach each item on our project list, and with the openness of the congregation to updating our spaces for our mission. Generation after generation we seek to strike a balance between purpose and beauty, and we are attending to all that in our project.

Join us Sunday as we continue our “Under Construction” series and as we give thanks for the kitchen and begin to prepare it for construction beginning next week.

See you Sunday
– Pastor Michelle

Bible References

  • Exodus 25:10 - 22