2018 – July 1, 9:00 AM Worship

Date: July 14, 2018


I didn’t plan to preach on Noah’s Ark while the Minnesota River is at flood stage, but here we are. The river is high, area signs are pleading for no rain, and the text for Sunday to begin our “Under Construction” theme is Noah’s Ark. This is a powerful story that captured our imagination as children, and is the first story of a human building something in the Bible. What I am wondering is not so much how did Noah build the ark, but what impact did this event have on those involved? And let’s pray for no more rain.

You are invited to the Families Belong Together Candlelight Vigil tonight at 8:30 p.m. at the corner of 2nd and Cherry. For about half an hour we will gather with music, prayer, and candlelight to speak for justice and hope in the current immigration crisis. All are invited.

See you Sunday
– Pastor Michelle

Bible References

  • Genesis 6:11 - 22